Every business has to make decisions based on their unique financial goals and circumstances. They need accounting solutions customized to meet their needs. With that in mind, we built Thrive as a different accounting firm. We work with you to build customized business analytics to help our clients understand what their business needs and opportunities are. We offer bundled services which include bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax and income tax compliance with analytics to help you make informed decisions about your business. We also offer a la carte services which includes state and local tax compliance, international tax compliance, and complex data analytics.



You go to the doctor every year for a physical. That includes bloodwork to check your numbers to make sure you are healthy. At Thrive we believe that checking your business's numbers and keeping abreast of any changes are critical, and an inability to forecast and react can mean the difference between staying afloat and closing your doors.



Tax. Every business wants to minimize their tax burden. Between payroll taxes, consumption taxes, income taxes, and excise taxes, companies are being required to spend more time in governmental compliance than actually running their business. At Thrive, we've created tools to help track and minimize your taxes.